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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Currency outlook

I could write a lot about this topic but keep in mind currency relationships are all relative and dependent on what the foreign bankers and the FOMC decide on policy. That said, it is right to assume that if US$ is going to put in a bottom, it will do it based on Fed rate hike expectations (and foreign bank rate decisions too). At this point there is no reason to expect a bottom in US$ for a few more months at least! ( especially after looking at Fed funds futures not pricing in rate hikes to start until Dec meet at the soonest and ECB being more hawkish as of last meet this week )

There are some other interesting notes on currencies below the charts of the $USD (and some others) on "My Public Chart List" (link on the right of this page). It is not a matter of where a technician draws a line or % of bulls/bears on a currency.

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