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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

When will it end?

all this bullishness is getting many very excited and optimistic, but at some point soon around 1100 or higher, you have to believe all those who are still holding since 2007-2008 will be looking for an exitOverhead will be the stopper on this rally, and is why 1050 at this point in time is the absolute highest we should expect for this leg up without any consolidation.Funds are buying now in hopes of making that 10-20% return by early 2010, and the reason to run this market up much over 1000 reduces the attractiveness of the market. That 20% return was only attainable when buying under 1000, at this point of 1000, it is more like 10-15% upside. Momo will disappear soon.The last in better be the first out unless they want to be the next bagholders!

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